Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation! What Vacation????

As most Americans tighten their purse strings and cancel their vacations, congress went on vacation without one step to solve our energy crisis. It must be great to not have to worry about where to find the money to fill your tank. Congress high-tailed it out of Washington faster than Obama changes his positions.

But for average Americans this holiday will most likely be spent closer to home. The days of the teenagers "cruising" is long gone. Going to the beach for the weekend....gone. How high will gas prices go? At this rate we could see gas hit $8.00 this year or more. What kind of economic woes will we continue to see without some type of resolution?

Congress has the ability to help it's people, but chooses not to do anything in order to win an election. In the last few weeks, Congress could have passed a bill to remove the ban on drilling off of our coasts. They could have begun eliminating obstacles to building new nuclear plants. They could have promoted the expansion of the clean coal process. They could have allowed us to begin drilling for more natural gas. They could have lifted the ban on ANWR. They could have passed a bill to incentivize the expansion of renewable energy sources. They could have lowered the price of the gas in your tank. If Congress would take ANY of these steps, the price of gas would go down. What did they do? Nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero.

Instead they tell you that these steps would only lower the price a few cents. At this point, lowering it a few cents would be better than allowing it to go up. They tell you to blame big oil and those evil speculators. They tell you it will take years to get any oil from new homeland sources. I don't know, but years sounds better than never to me. It is time for the American people to tell Congress a thing or two.

It is our right and our duty to question our leaders. (or so those on the left keep telling us) We must begin to hold our Congressman and Senators accountable for inaction. So I will start here and now. My Congressman is Jason Altmire. I will be writing and calling Mr. Altmire's office when he returns from vacation. What is he doing to help the people in his district lower their energy costs? When will he support the drill here, drill now campaign? When will he vote to lift the ban on ANWR? Where did he go for vacation?

Where does your representation stand on these issues? If you don't' time to get smart!


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Stacey, I'm telling Melissa Hart and Alicia Collins that your blog exists, and they need to take a look at it. You're off to a great start.

steve maloney

CaliGirl said...

Great blog, Stacy! Love your new website. I couldn't agree more.

Rita Shepard

Mike said...


Good luck with the blog.

I think Jason Altmire is spending his "vacation" here meeting with his constituents like he did the last two nights with Republican Tim Murphy in Monroeville and Beaver, respectively. Did you attend either town hall meeting?

The Republicans controlled Congress for the 12 years before the Democrats took control of Congress last year. This includes President Bush’s first 6 years with Melissa Hart. I won’t waste space with the litany of problems that caused starting with a fiscal policy that was anything but conservative. The Republican congress didn’t do anything about oil prices when they had years.

I don’t think Melissa Hart deserves a second chance when she did little outside of partisan bickering the first time. Jason Altmire’s first chance is still a work in progress, and I think he deserves to continue to be our Congressman to finish the work he started.

I don’t think Jason Altmire is opposed to the expansion of drilling, however, he wants the oil companies to explore more of the areas they already have before getting more. Instead, the oil companies have been spending billions buying back their own stock rather than putting money into exploration. If the existing areas have no value, then why are they holding onto them rather then allowing others to explore them?

I feel very confident that Jason Altmire is committed to tackling issues like nuclear energy, clean-coal technology and other sources of energy as hard as he has fought for issues like supporting veterans and their families, protecting rights for gun owners, small businesses, seniors, families and children in just his first year and a half in office.


Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Stacy.

Love the blog, great writing style. I'll definitely be back. Plus, there's something endearing about your bright pink motif.

Mike said...

I liked how your comments on the not really Pennsylvanians for McCain blog were respectful. You really listened to what people had to say whether they agreed with you or not and responded honestly. I hope you continue that here.

Even though we may disagree with how we want to get there, one thing we need to keep in mind is that we are all Americans who love our country. Even our Founding Fathers had their differences, and that hasn't changed in 232 years and probably won't for the next 232 years.

Happy 4th of July!

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