Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obama Ignores 44 Million Americans

First, Barack Obama threw Hillary Clinton supporters under the bus. Now is he doing it to another block of American voters? A group of voters who are ten times larger than those of dis-infranchised Hillary Clinton supporters? Who is this group? The American military family which consists of 44 million Americans.

A military coalition consisting of American Veterans, American Disabled Veterans, Veterans for Common Sense, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and Military Spouse Corporate Career Network have invited both presidential candidates to a town hall meeting in Texas. The event was originally set for August 11. Senator McCain has accepted the offer, but Senator Obama has stated he has prior engagements. The coalition asked Senator Obama for alternative dates, but he has still refused to accept the invitation.

This coalition is not a group of John McCain supporters. There are democrats and republicans, active military and veterans. They are directly impacted by the decisions that both of these candidates could make. Why would one not meet and discuss issues that directly affect so many Americans?

The number one issue is that Senator Obama is not as well suited to the town hall setting as he is to a scripted telepromted speech. Again, how can we elect a president, a commander-in-chief, who does not take the time to talk to the military? He has yet to talk to top commanders in the field as well. How do you say you will immediately begin to pull troops out of Iraq without a discussion with the military?

Instead of Senator Obama listening to the left-wing groups like Code-Pink, maybe it is time that he began to listen to those who have actually fought these wars, to those who are still fighting these wars, and to those who he could, possibly, send into war one day himself.


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