Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flip Flops Are For The Beach......

It's time to put on your running shoes.

Yes, I know that politicians tend to tweak their positions from the primary season to the general election. However, this year can be officially declared "The Year of the Flip Flop." Yes, I know Senator McCain has changed his stance on a few issues too. But you have come to a conservative blog and therefore you knew what you were getting yourself into.

Let's first start with a few of the flip flops that should make every Hillary Clinton supporter pissed. In the primary season, Senator Obama stated that he would immediately begin pulling troops out of Iraq. He said that he would end the war within a year of coming into office. Some could argue that this was one of the key issues that led him to defeat Senator Clinton. Senator McCain has always stated that he would meet with the generals on the ground to determine a course of action. This was widely criticized by Senator Obama.

However, on Thursday, Senator Obama said that his upcoming trip to Iraq may lead him to "refine" his promise to quickly remove US troops. Let's not start the argument that Senator Obama has yet to go to Iraq in over two years or meet with General Petraeus. I will stick to the fact that he now agrees with Senator McCain that military leaders will determine the time of withdrawal. Or does he? It seems to me that someone who has to have a press conference to explain a press conference doesn't know what he means. Senator Obama has spent most of the weekend continuing to explain that he meant what he said he always meant. Does anyone follow? I think that he "doesth protest too much." I'm sure those at the anti-war group Code Pink are loving him right about now.

The second major flip or flop, came in the form of FISA (the foreign intelligence surveillance act). This act allows the government to eavesdrop on known terrorists abroad who make calls to the US. This act would make protection retroactive for those companies who aide the government with this eavesdropping. On January 28, Senator Obama issued this statement:

"I strongly oppose retroactive immunity in the FISA
bill. Ever since 9/11, this Administration has put forward a false choice
between the liberties we cherish and the security we

The FISA court works. The separation of power works. We
can trace, track down and take out terrorists while ensuring that our actions
are subject to vigorous oversight, and do not undermine the very laws and
freedom that we are fighting to defend.

No one should get a free pass to violate the basic civil
liberties of the American people - not the President of the United States, and
not the telecommunications companies that fell in line with his warrantless
surveillance program. We have to make clear the lines that cannot be

That is why I am co-sponsoring Senator Dodd's amendment to
remove the immunity provision. Secrecy must not trump accountability. We must
show our citizens – and set an example to the world – that laws cannot be
ignored when it is inconvenient.

A grassroots movement of Americans has pushed this issue
to the forefront. You have come together across this country. You have called
upon our leaders to adhere to the Constitution. You have sent a message to the
halls of power that the American people will not permit the abuse of power – and
demanded that we reclaim our core values by restoring the rule of

It's time for Washington to hear your voices, and to act.
I share your commitment to this cause, and will stand with you in the fights to
come. And when I am President, the American people will once again be able to
trust that their government will stand for justice, and will defend the
liberties that we hold so dear as vigorously as we defend our

Now I normally wouldn't put such boring information on my blog, but it actually seemed that he made this statement with conviction. I really believe that he meant what he said. Well so did his supporters and now they apparently don't know what to believe about him. As of today, Senator Obama now supports a FISA compromise that will allow immunity to those who assist the government.

It is sad that this man who symbolizes "change" to so many has now become the "typical" politician. The fact that he heard the voices of those who support him and threw them out the window should speak volumes about his character. Yes, as I said, all politicians tweak their campaigns. The fact that Senator Obama has on these issues and soooooo many more is nothing new. What is new is that someone who thought he could run on change and change alone has found himself the one doing the changing.

You know, the more you wear your flip flops on the beach, the more the sand starts to annoy you. If you aren't aware of all of Senator Obama's flip flops, Google his name and the words flip flop. It's time to get educated on this's time to get smart.


Mike said...

I'd be careful about playing the flip-flop game. John McCain is in a class by himself when it comes to flip-flopping. In four years he flip-flopped from being someone John Kerry would think of as a running mate to the second coming of George W. Bush.

You called this a conservative blog. When I think of conservatives, I think of Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich who focused on building consensus for their plans rather than playing silly games like flip-flop. Republicans play flip-flop. Conservatives focus on their ideals and the issues which I thought you were.

This is one of the biggest problems with the politics today. Instead of everyone working together and building consensus, we are playing flip-flop. What if next week, the Democrats decided to change their minds and come out in favor of opening up the OCS to drilling? Instead of celebrating the potential victory for your point of view, you will instead call them flip-floppers and insult them. Now everyone is afraid to change their minds for fear of being branded a "flip-flopper", so nothing happens.

Stacy said...


You are correct. I would much rather discuss ideas than point fingers. That being said, you must admit that in an attempt to move to the middle Obama has "refined" most of his principles. His support is found in his determination to change the atmosphere yet he is the only thing changing.

You are wrong about one thing. I would applaud the democrats if they changed their opinion about drilling. That would include Jason Altmire. He may not get my vote, but he would get my respect for doing what was in the best interest of his constituents over the interest of his party. I would be the first to say so here on my blog as well.

This is a time for real ideas and you will see from my upcoming blogs that my conservative principles are what drives me, not political games.

tigrefan98 said...

The difference between a "flip flop" and a legitimate policy shift is motivation (is it merely political or are there extenuating circumstances). There are some issues, especially life and death issues of conscience, like war and abortion, where I want to know what an elected official truly believes and I want to trust them to act on those beliefs appropriately. Changing circumstances should have less effect on your fundamental views here.

But there are 'nuts and bolts' issues that must, by nature, change with the times. When Americans' gas prices more than doubled in 5 years, for example, it is perfetly reasonable to reconsider options that were off the table. We Americans have changed our behavior and attitudes, I have no problem with our government adapting for our benefit as well.

McCain chose not to add on earmarks for almost a quarter century in Congress, when it could have been politically expedient to do so the vast majority of the time. This is just one major area where he has made a commitment and honored it - to the tune of billions of dollars to taxpayers.

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