Friday, July 18, 2008

Nancy Pelosi's Temper Tantrum

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for over twenty years. That is a long time to hold a grudge and apparently her grudge is with the oil companies. Yes, I understand that she represents an extremely liberal district. However, her latest temper tantrum is one for the record books.

Nancy Pelosi, along with Harry Reid, have made energy independence their number one priority. When I say number one priority, I mean ensuring that energy independence never happens in the United States of America. With gas prices rising above $4, the American people, including those in California, are fed up with the lack of leadership that Nancy Pelosi is administering in the Senate. She and Harry Reid have all but shut down the government in fear that the Republican party will attach an energy amendment to anything.

When a party leader puts their personal opinions and beliefs before those of the American people, it is time for them to vote her out. She at this point is so against any type of energy resolution that she is taking a stand at the detriment of her own party members. Recently congressional approval ratings fell to historic lows. According to a few polls, as low as 9%. At what point does congress think that the American people are going to take their frustrations out with their votes?

If I were a newly elected blue-dog Democrat, I would be feeling more than a little heat right now. Even though I do not support most Democrats, I do feel sorry for them a this point. They do not have enough power to do much of anything right now with their supreme leader taking them down with her. She is not listening to those in her party, she is not listening to the people of California, and she is not listening to the American people. I'm beginning to think that the only voice other than her own that she hears is that of the Environmentalists.

If Nancy Pelosi won't start to listen, then it is time we make her listen. Her temper tantrum is equivalent to a school bully beating up kids on the playground. The one thing she needs to remember is that if you beat up on millions of people, someone is bound to return the favor one day. Most likely with a vote of see you later, don't let the door hit you in the know what I mean.


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