Friday, July 18, 2008

Couric, Williams, Gibson High on Obama Kool-Aide

Are you kidding me? Can you be any more blatant about who you want to be our next President? All three top news networks are sending their top news anchors to Europe to ride the high of Barack Obama. Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charlie Gibson will join Senator Obama in hopes of garnering an interview during his historic visit.

Historic visit? Do you remember the visits of past Presidential candidates who visited Europe or anywhere else for that matter? It was quite evident during the primary season that major networks were anti-Hillary. They practically handed the nomination to Obama. It wasn't until they were ridiculed by Saturday Night Live that some news organizations finally gave Hillary a break. Unfortunately, it was too late for her.

Now, again, the MSM (main-stream media) is trying to hand Obama another piece of the pie. When John McCain recently made visits to Columbia and Mexico were these anchors there clinging to his coat tails? How stupid do these people think the American people are? If this doesn't rally the Republican party, conservatives, independent thinking people, and yes, even Hillary Clinton supporters to support John McCain, I don't know what will.

Mr. Obama cannot buy this election. The media cannot give Barack Obama this election. This election will be decided by and for the American people. So Mrs. Couric, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Gibson enjoy your vacation in Europe. Your viewership is on the decline and blatant partisan-support such as this will only continue to drive the masses away from your networks. Thank you NBC, ABC, and CBS for my renewed drive to see that Barack Obama is not put into our highest office.


Mike said...

I didn't see the news reports. They really called it "historic"? President Nixon visiting China was historic. This isn't.

I agree with you that Obama gets much more press than McCain, but I don't know that it is all supportive.

For every pro-Obama story, there seems to be a Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, New Yorker cover or flip-flop story that never seems to go away.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was called "historic" and each anchor will be interviewing him on an historic stop during his visit. John McCain only has correspondents follow him on the trail.

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