Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smart Girl Politics, SGP, Rocks the Twitter House

Conservatives celebrated the future last night at the 1st Annual SGP Twitterball.  The ball, which was hosted by Smart Girl Politics, was a huge hit from the get-go.  The ball featured some of the brightest up and coming conservative movements, as well as politicians and celebrities.  

Within minutes of starting, the SGP ball was trending as the number one topic on Twitter last night.  A great feat considering the inauguration events that were taking place celebrating President Obama.

The event kicked off in the main ballroom with a short introduction and welcome from moi. We had a great welcome video that was done for us by author and columnist, S.E. Cupp.  She welcomed everyone to the historical event while getting ready for a ball herself.

The craziness soon spread to four additional ballrooms with the main ballroom continuing to chat right along.  We were so pleased to have great conservative politicians such as Saul Anuzis, Chip Saltsman, and Sharon Day join us.  All three are currently running for Republican National Committee positions.  

Mr. Anuzis was great working the virtual rooms as if they were a part of his daily routine. Everyone had a great time throwing questions at him.  He easily hopped from room to room though we aren't sure if he ever made it to the room he was supposed to be.I hosted "The Gingrich Room" which was joined by Mr. Saltsman.  We took on the topic, "How can groups like SGP circumvent the main stream media to get their message out."  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to ask questions directly to him and have them answered.

RNC Secretary candidate, Sharon Day was featured in our "Take Back Congress" room discussing how we can get more conservative women involved in politics.  SGP's very own celebrity Ms. Tabitha Hale, a.k.a. pinkelephantpun, joined Sharon Day taking questions from participants in the room.

Rebuild the Party's Mindy Finn discussed how to reach out to the next generation of conservatives with columnist and Bill O'Reilly regular, Amanda Carpenter.  They were featured in "The Reagan Room".  It was definitely one of the liveliest rooms of the event.

Top Conservatives on Twitter co-founder, Michael P. Leahy and Dontgo Movement's Eric Odom held down their rooms like true pros.  Each directing the conversation and fielding questions as if they were everyday politicians.  

Two surprise guests who were also spotted floating between rooms were columnist and Fox News contributor, Michelle Malkin and Weekly Standard columnist, Mary Katherine Hamm.  It was a thrill for conservatives to be able to have an outlet to tap the minds of some of the brightest "smart girls" out there.

It was great fun had by all.  Smart Girl Politics looks forward to hosting similar events in the near future, but this event will always be the first of it's kind.


Becky Sue said...

I am so very disappointed in myself for missing it. Glad it was such a smashing success!

Rebekah said...

You guys did a great job! Thankyou for putting so much work and effort into this! Excellent!

I found you guys through my husband Harrison. So glad I did! Keep up the good work!

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