Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mr. Hope and Change Becomes President Doom and Gloom

Barack Obama campaigned for almost two years on the mantra of hope and change. The campaigns cheer leading motto was "Yes We Can". Who would have thought that this campaign full of hope and promise would then become the administration of doom and gloom and "No, We Can't"

On a daily basis, President-elect Obama has held press conference after press conference discussing how bad things are going to get for the American people. He talks about how bad it will get if he doesn't taken action X or action Z. One day this week, he actually held two press conferences to reinforce how bad our lives are going to be.

We all know that things have gotten a little tougher and for some of us things are down right miserable. It is not something that needs to be reinforced on a daily basis. While we want our President to be honest with us, we also want our President to give us hope...........and apparently change. So what has happened to the President-elect's positive message.

Some have said that Obama is trying to make things seem so bad in order to remind people that this is occurring on George Bush's watch and that he has just inherited it. In part that is probably true, Democrats want to use the doom and gloom to ride their wave of success for years to come to allow them to push through their policies of expanded government.

If early on, Obama tells us how horrible things are and continues to pound the drum, he makes it easier to announce how he saved us from devastation. If he tells us we will all be on welfare and lose our jobs, he can then claim in four years to have saved millions of jobs.

Do not kid yourself, this incoming administration will continue to campaign throughout the next four years. Why else would you campaign on hope and change and govern on death and despair?


An American Liberal said...

I just laughed at this to be honest. If this is the most negative Obama "thing" for this week, then it's been a good week.

Did you happen to see that President Bush has requested the rest of the TARP money? Hmm, wonder why Wall Street wants this passed out before Obama gets into office?

Things that make you go hmm....

Warmest Regards,
An American Liberal

Digital Publius said...

Well articulated! An American Liberal completely missed your point. Liberals are so reactionary themselves that they can't recognize analytical thought.

An American Liberal said...

Digital Publius,
I just welcomed you in the other post, so if you missed that, well welcome!

As to your comment here, thanks for the chuckles.

Warmest Regards.
An American Liberal

Debi said...

i absolutely aggree, Obamas new found negativity is a way of showing how bad Bush was.

Anonymous said...

American Liberal....Bush asked for the rest of the TARP money so that it would be available for Obama at His(Obama's)request. No mystery there.

I also think the "gloom and doom" is Obamas way of not doing what he promised with his "campaign rhetroic". Excuses, excuses and more excuses.

Alex said...

Obama wants us all to believe the world is coming to an end and if BIG government does not get in to help us out, we are finished. He wants America dependent on a HUGE government. People, please remember BIG government is NOT what makes America great. Most of us do not need a helping hand from the government - we can make it on our own. If you work hard and apply yourself you can make it without government intervention. Life will change for you drastically if you allow yourself to become dependent on the government. I lived in Europe for three years and the people are kept down by the government. We can ride this recession out just as we have many times before. Obama has a plan, a marxist, socialist plan - I am sure this is not what people wanted when they voted for change. Please keep America great and do not allow yourself to become dependent on an over inflated government; a government that bankrupted social security and caused the housing crisis. Do not do it. Stop Obama!

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