Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned or Beaten in Politics.

Conservatives are definitely in offense mode after the defeat handed to them in November. I should know I felt the wrath the other day when I wrote a blog defending Caroline Kennedy. The interesting thing about the blog that I posted was that it was not exactly my opinion.

Earlier this week while watching Fox News, a conservative commentator defended Caroline Kennedy. She stated that Conservatives should defend Kennedy's right to position herself for the Senate seat. My first reaction was one which I apparently share with many other Conservatives. However, her statement gave me pause and made me sit back and think for a minute.

I decided to write a blog that took the position this commentator had taken. Any good debater knows that regardless of how you feel about a subject, when you debate it you have to take the side you are given. Therefore, I did. I chose a position I mostly disagreed with and I debated it. I knew that I would get a reaction. I did not, however, expect quite the reaction I actually got.

It appears that I was able to find a common ground with both Conservatives and Liberals. Neither side is all that excited about Caroline Kennedy's possible appointment to the Senate. Who would have thought that a Democratic Senate seat appointment would bring these two groups together? least for a second.

The more that people left comments against the blog here and on the SGP network site, the more determined I was to debate them on it. I felt the need to hold my position and see how it played out. Difficult would be an understatement. On more than one occassion, I caught myself somewhat apologizing for my positions. It reminded me that it has been a long time since I have had to debate anything.

Thank you everyone for such a great debate. I can assure you that if conservative politicians have the fire in their bellies that those of you who debated me have, Republicans will easily take back the Congress in 2010.


An American Liberal said...

Actually, I think your debate shows that we are changing as voters. We are tired of the corruption and the greed associated with our public servants (Blago just sickens me to my stomach), and we want people who are actually predisposed and qualified to do the job.

Personally, as a liberal, I see 2010 being a watershed election for us as Americans. The dam finally busts, and we all realize that the Independents have had it right all along. Pick the best candidate for the job and ignore party affiliations. Anyone else embarrassed that two criminals (at least)almost won their respective elections? People voting just for the party needs to come to an end imho.

On a positive note, Bush leaves office in twenty short days, and that unto itself will be a boost for the Republican Party (interesting article
in Vanity Fair on his legacy - not a pro-Bush piece so be warned).

Pray for Obama though, he is in for a rough ride. What a mess he inherits.....

Warmest Regards.
An American Liberal

T. LaDuke said...

Nicely done!!! I will have to try that sometime, to keep the mind sharp as possible!!

Grace Explosion said...


You do a great job and are a hostess with the mostest.

Keep up the good work!! People do not need to agree to respect one another. Personally, I respect Caroline Kennedy. I also respect Hillary Clinton. I also respected Bill Clinton as President. I didn't agree with them, I didn't approve of everything the Clintons did - yet, there was a shared sense of American oneness. In fact, I have a sincere liking for all these people.

Barack Hussein Obama is in a class "all his own" and I have nothing nice to say about him.

As far as you stating things with which others did not agree, well, I can only thank you for the service you do here on this site.

American Liberal, you sound much too reasonable and enlightened to be a liberal. :) Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Perhaps you are a sincere person who desires the best for all people, and we can help you to see that liberal policies are the road to hell - full of "good intentions" but leading in the wrong direction and ending in destruction.

What is it that causes you to be liberal?? A desire to help the poor?? Government is full of people like Blago. You cannot give them your money and expect a leopard to suddenly change his spots. They will rob you blind. BUT, if you instead want to achieve a goal and develop a charitable organization with high accountability and low overhead - you could achieve your goal much more efficiently. If people don't want to give to your charity - perhaps then the charity is misguided. Because the American people are the most charitably minded citizens in the world, imo, and have huge hearts. It's just that Government is full of corrupt con men who take advantage of liberal people to rob us all blind and destroy our economy... and do nothing to really solve the problems they say they need money to address.

Government is not the answer to the problems we face. Government is the greatest problem we face. When I say "Government", please think "organized crime" AND... those people who want to effect a functional aristocracy and monarchy in bureaucracy. They want to rule as kings and queens. They just sucker people like you in... because you have a bleeding heart... and you believe their lies and deception... or you would take all of your liberal causes into private charity and defund these mobsters realizing they... are... crooks.

Please tell me what it is you want to accomplish that makes you a liberal. The fact is, probably most conservatives want to accomplish the same things - and know a better way. We're not heartless. We're not cruel. We just know that the Government is full of crooks, they don't help, they make things worse, and there are better ways to achieve noble objectives.

Furthermore, the majority of what you hear on the news that forms your opinions... is propaganda. You would most likely be a conservative or a libertarian if you really... knew the truth... imo.

Glad to see you here. We hope to convert you. I'm a bleeding heart conservative... and an independent voter... and strong supporter of Governor Palin.


Mel said...

Stacy you are always thought provoking!!

american girl in italy said...

that is too funny, I do that too. no one ever knows where i truly stand on a topic, i love to defend different sides of issues, no matter where i stand (and i never tell). MAN, some of the hatemail it inspires!

i have to tell you, it was really nice to read the thread, and it was so rational. most sites end up in name calling.

i am relieved you don't really want CK! haha

Stacy said...

Thanks everyone. Here is my honest opinion after some though. I have nothing against CK, but I do agree that her money and name are the only reasons she is even being mentioned.

If she ran for the position and New Yorkers voted for her, then she did it fairly. She, however, has never had the courage to do so and it appears that she is taking the easy route.

I could go on, but that's my general feeling on the issue.

PunditMom said...

Just as I was skewered when I defended Sarah Palin. Sometimes it's not about being conservative or progressive, but it's about being women in politics.

An American Liberal said...

Thank you for your comments, but to answer your questions in any sort of detail would digress these posting past my comfort level.

So let me try something simple and short, I find nothing in the conservative platform that is either noble or moves us forward as a society. All I see are people with big gigantic kind hearts and an extremely narrow tolerance for what is right and wrong (if you live long enough, it is ironic to see those definitions move inch by inch).

And to be quite honest, I see an enormous amount of hate. It exists on both sides of the equation, but the conservatives have it bubbling down to their core whether they want to admit it or not.
Quick story (yes it is true), my daughter came home and packed up with some friends to attend a mid-week Bible Study at our local church(over the Christmas break, and yes, my family and I are religious). When she came home, she shook her head and said the other kids (she is thirteen) all think Obama is the Anti-Christ, and started expressing these sentiments in the middle of their session (started with a boy). There is nothing noble in that story.

Well, she is standing behind me waiting to go to school, but in conclusion, let me reiterate, I find most conservatives exceptionally fine people, just terribly misguided as to who their "enemies" are.

Happy New Year.
An American Liberal

Retired Spook said...

I was taking a holiday break from the Internet and missed the previous post. My initial reaction when CK's name was mentioned was that she is every bit as qualified as the woman she'd replace was 8 years ago. Then I heard her speak..........oops. The she said, if not selected, she would not run in 2010.....oops.

As several have noted, there are a number of significantly more qualified people available.

Sugar said...

There may just be enough of those moments when both sides come together and agree to what is right. Amazing how many liberals I have come across that have said "I *want* to like Caroline." Wow... seems like wanting to get past the bitterness of beer because you want to hang out with the frat boys. Ick...

1950 Democrat said...

Not to clutter with details, but Hillary in 2000 had many accomplishments, 20+ years worth. Things she had got done on her own, without the benefit of an elected title.

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