Sunday, January 25, 2009

McCain to Vote No on Obama's Stimulus Package

Many Republicans have been watching former Presidential Candidate, John McCain to see if he would return to his "mavericky" ways and begin to partner with his new buddy President Obama. It appears now that Senator McCain will be putting a speed bump up in front of that new found friendship.

On Fox News Sunday, Senator McCain calling himself a member of the loyal opposition stated that he could not support the bill as it is now written.  Senator McCain does not believe that the stimulus bill will do enough to put people back to work.

McCain also stated that he will work to have President Obama extend President Bush's tax cuts most of which were geared toward the wealthy.  President Bush's tax cuts are set to expire and President Obama has signaled that he will allow them to do so or even end them early.

McCain who has often worked on the side of Democrats in the past earning him the "maverick" title appears to be standing by his party on the stimulus issue.  However, it leaves open the question of where will the President and the Senator find common ground.


Jo said...

I don't believe him for one minute.

Cara Lynn said...

He better vote NO! All the repulicatians should and if they don't, then they need to lose their cushy little job!

Anonymous said...

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