Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smart Girl Politics on the Verge of Making History....

When someone tells you that one person can't change the world, well they may be right. However, one person can combine their voice with others to change the world. This blog was started by a stay at home mom who wanted to get involved in politics the only way she blogging.

In eight short months, Smart Girl Politics has gone from an unknown blog to a conservative women's movement. In the last two months, SGP has become a fAst paced place for conservative women to meet. It currently has over one thousand members between it's Facebook and Ning sites. It also has almost two hundred blogs and websites on it's blogroll.

Today, SGP will announce a major conservative event that will place it on the verge of history. Beginning tonight with a members only Treasure Hunt, SGP will announce an online virtual event to mark inauguration day. This is a historical event and is the first of it's kind ever to take place online.

While SGP is a community that was developed by conservative women for conservative women, we are ecstatic about the support we have received from so many "smart guys". If you have not yet joined Smart Girl Politics, now is your chance to be part of history.

Further announcements regarding the January 20, 2009 event will be posted to this site tomorrow. Check back for more details.


Stacy said...

American Liberal: Love you dearly, but you are not

Becky Sue said...

Congratulations on your growth and strength! Sorry that I have not been able to contribute more! Know that I support this movement, I'm sure a lot overwhelmed with other matters in my life right now.

tigrefan98 said...

Ditto that Stacy, "real life" has taken precedence over blogging temporarily but there are so many opportunities ahead for conservative women online. I truly think we are the key to both a common-sense return to the right values and a fresh future for the GOP.

An American Liberal said...



No, that is not something I would do to you or to your cause.

However, if you don't mind too terribly, I would like to extend my congratulations and support though this little old post!

Have fun!
An American Liberal

Debi said...


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