Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Our U.S. Secretary of State was often described as the "Smartest Woman in America" which caused me to scratch my head more than once. What had I missed? She failed at her attempt to revamp health care in her husband's (presidential) administration; she lost her law firm's billing records when they were subpoenaed; as the subject of numerous probes, take your pick - Whitewater, Travelgate, whatever - she would only answer that she "could not recall"; and then, her greatest claim to fame was simply being unaware of her husband's numerous infidelities right under her nose.

Remember her assertion that tales of Slick Willy's escapades was all a vast right-wing conspiracy? Well, to refresh your memory:

Then we had Hillary on the campaign trail behaving in ways that seemed, well, a bit unstable:

Now, you got to admit this one was a bit creepy:

And here she seems to disagree with Nancy Pelosi on the issue of whether citizen dissent is patriotic or not:

What was even better was seeing her on TV this week in a Q&A session with students in the Congo. This numero uno diplomat representing the United States in her official capacity had this to say:

But maybe Hillary Clinton will be best remembered on the Internet, and definitely not network news, or polite society for that matter, for this (in)famous moment:

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