Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Arrogance of one Administration

By Lenice Moynihan

The arrogance of this administration is beyond the pale. Obama is the one who manufactured statistics and facts since day one. His election was never a mandate yet we have been led to believe over and over again that it was. Right now, the Left has a bogus advertisement stating just that. The FACT is he did not win by a mandate but rather a minor margin. He lives in a world of fantasy where logic, facts and reality play no part. What is a larger concern is our media and people that refuse to see or report the FACTS.

Obama's surprise at the grass roots movement is astounding. Mostly because we have been told since day one this man is a genius. Not only is this man not a genius, but he can not stand firm on his quick sand rhetoric. This government is becoming creepy. I can think of no other word that would describe the turn of events during town hall meetings. Pelosi stated as a fact that the "angry mob" were seen carrying swastikas and the White House is telling the Democrats to go out and "punch back twice as hard." This is how our government is talking about it's citizens? Sounds like fascism to me. The White House is encouraging our elected officials to fight back instead of listening to their constituents. The state run media happily obeys and reports town hall meetings as manufactured mobs. This is an outrage!

We can no longer dismiss the fascist regime that seems to be emerging. They want a single party state. They want to cram their ideology down our throats; case in point-Obamacare. They have no interest in WE THE PEOPLE, only an interest in We the Government. He does not want to lead a Republic he wants to empower government. He is not concerned about the rights vested in us by the Constitution. He already trampled on that with bail-outs, taking over the private sector, and paying off the unions.

We are in a grave situation here in the United States. It is mostly perpetrated by our government. Those we voted in to protect our laws and our citizens are attacking us! We will not be silenced. Anyone who is still more concerned about touting the party line than supporting his country really needs to do a fact check. There are no facts in this administration only fabricated words and numbers. Obama helped no one and his actions and the real FACTS show this to be true. I have learned to expect the opposite of whatever this man says. He is the consummate liar and by that judgement I stand. This system is broken and corrupt. Is it beyond repair? We can not let them quiet the drum that is beating ever loudly. This country is what we will fight for, not a party and not a President.

Mr. President this is MY country and you will not silence me!


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