Friday, August 21, 2009

Freedom of speech and Expression is not just for the left!

By Lenice Moynihan

Listen, I love the joker poster of Obama. I read that police are investigating who put them up and who created them. My first question is why and my second thought is I am outraged! There is a man at one of the rallies holding a sign that says "Obama die" and I believe he is now a man of suspicion. Although I personally would not choose to voice my opinion in that way, we do still live in a free society. We are a country of free speech! The poster of the joker is called free expression and the sign held by that man is called free speech. They have every right to say how they feel!

The left called George Bush Hitler for most of his term and no one said a word. I think of the art displays, if you can call them that, over the years. One in particular was the Cross in urine. Yes, it was beloved by the left as up and coming art. It was called free expression and no one cared how many of us were heartbroken by such a vile display! That artist was hailed not investigated! Those of us who found it blasphemous were considered stupid. A couple of months ago Obama was nailed to the cross looking just like Christ. This was done by some liberal artist. The image was going to be unveiled and touted as amazing. I found it to be vile and heresy. We heard no mention of investigations just awe of another genius. The more the art stomps on someone's beliefs or morals the left likes it that much more. You are a square if you can't see how secularism is cool!

The disgusting things the left has come up with under the guise of free speech and free expression has ruined this country. They are the ones who corrupted our image and they continue to do it. Hey, they came up with teaching kids how to put a condom on a banana in school. Of course, our tax dollars should pay for that, right? Who can argue with that kind of higher education and we were worried that we were becoming dumbed down! Remember though no Bible allowed, only bananas and "my two moms."

Free speech is free speech, period! I can't stand, I mean CAN'T STAND, the double standard of these vile hateful people. They love to dish it out but oh boy how they can't take it. This President has the thinnest, not the blackest, skin I have ever seen. He is a cry baby as is much of his staff. We agree mostly we don't want to be shrill like the left but if there are a few out there that do, have at it. Your Constitution defends you. Dear leader, I say that with contempt, that is the end of the story. Some might say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Yea, maybe many of us see carrying the "Obama die" sign as crass but haven't we stood silent long enough. Remember the bananas?


Anonymous said...

I suspect that you and I would disagree strongly. That's okay. It's when it gets to the 'I can shout louder than you so I must be righter than you' stage that I have to sigh and go elsewhere. That's where the 'conversation' appears to be, at the moment.

I'm going to remain anonymous, for fear that you'll decide decibel-bombing my blog is the way to go.

Lenny said...

That was funny! I don't need to yell to get my point across. I guess I find the hypocricy from you side of the isle to be outrageous. How come it was OK to call President Bush every vile name you could think of, laugh at the guy who threw his shoes at him, and praise Nancy Shehan for all her diatribe. What I have learned since Obama is in office is that you all sure do have some serious thin skin! You can dish it out but boy you can not take it!

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Anonymous said...

Could you please link to a news story talking about the police "investigating who put them up and who created them"?

Anonymous said...


objectivist said...

It is a sad and frightening day when Freedom of Speech only applies to "progressive" causes.

Astermeds said...

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