Saturday, August 8, 2009

It is Called An Uprising!

By Lenice Moynihan

I can not take it anymore! I can not believe the propaganda of this administration. We have the likes of Barbara Boxer attacking Americans for showing up at Town Hall meetings outraged over 8 months of illegal maneuvers by Obama and his Hench men. Hey Barbara, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, we are not Obama's sycophants. Our Constitution was written to limit government and you all have taken it upon yourselves to trample on our freedoms. You bet people are showing up at Town Hall meetings angry. Why wouldn't we be angry at an administration that is trying to take away our rights and give all power to the government? All the while raping us of our hard work by stealing our money and giving it to the unions and others who are owed for Obama's election. You have forgotten you represent us, we don't represent you. We could care less if our uprising hurts this President or any President. This country is not about the President and what he wants. This country is about the people and its majority. Americans have no interest in helping Obama corrupt this system worse than it already is. He has showed himself to be nothing but a liar and a coward. This is not what geniuses or true leaders are made of; he can't tell the truth because his idea of Utopia would sink like the Titanic.

Next we have Linda Douglas, the communications director for the White House, attacking Drudge and his reporting on Obama's health care plans. The Drudge Report ran a video of Obama admitting he wants a one payer system run by the government. We are also privy to a speech Barack gave back in 2002 showing his true ideology. Linda Douglas spends several minutes trying to down-play the report and refute its facts. Linda, we see Barack's mouth moving and we hear him clearly. We don't need your explanation of what he really said. Although Bill Maher would disagree, we are not that stupid.

Then we have Robert Gibbs who spends half his time giggling when a real question comes his way. Being the spokesman for Obama, he characterized the Town Hall meetings as "an angry mob." He also insisted that these people were bussed in by the insurance companies. After I was done being stunned by this description, I just started laughing. These people are unraveling before our eyes. They can't tell a fact, a truth, or understand what is happening around them. They misjudged the American people. This country was founded by men who risked their lives for FREEDOM. They created the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence so that government could not overpower the people. We love our country and the families that made it possible for the United States to come into being. Barack Obama and his Chicago style corrupt politics is no match for the true American.

I am appalled at the lengths this government has gone to lie, cheat and steal its way to the top. There were a few of us that were always awake but now we have company. Obama your time is running out. You are no match for the American heart and way of life. We understand this country is much more than a party affiliation. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! We will not give up our rights, our health care, our freedoms, our law, or our religion for anyone. Certainly not for someone who has no regard for the Constitution or the people it is supposed to preserve. This is called an Uprising. Obama you were born to lose this fight!


Anonymous said...

I am still in shock that Obama was ever elected in the first place! And I will be even more shocked if he stays in office one minute longer than this term! I have to believe that the majority of Americans have wised up.

Bridget Moynihan said...

Thank God some people are finally speaking up. How dare he say this is a scheme from the insurance companies. The lying needs to stop and the government needs to realize we are the people, we are what matters.

Chris said...

I am a Tea Party organizer here in Fort Walton Beach, FL and am completely independent of political party. I'm highly offended that the Elite media and politicians and other institutions in this country are missing the point here.

Please help me spread this letter around. These elected officials need a shot across their bow. They just aren't learning what these protests and Townhall meetings have been about.

Anonymous said...

And where were you people eight years ago, hmm? When Bush broke international laws, enraged the globe with his "cow boy politics", snubbed other nations, ignored Genocide, fabricated a war, fleeced the American people, sent us into trillions of dollars of debt, raised taxes for the middle class, restricted our freedoms, took our rights to protest, and destroyed the credibility of America worldwide?

Huh? Where were you then!

Well while you slept... WE did something about it. We elected Obama, fair and square. Suddenly now, when a man steps up to take responsibility and be willing to DO SOMETHING for this country, NOW you awaken. Now you're angry. It's unfair you say. Now you know how we felt, trying to push someone out of office who ACTUALLY broke the law. And you all just sat around twiddling your thumbs blindly.

You hypocrites are eight years too late. The revolution already happened, and his name is Obama.

Anonymous said...

as far as I am concerned all the corrupt politics from bot sides will see its end because WE will not stop fighting for OUR freedom and our childrens..eneough is enough this mack daddy arrogant Obama and his wife are on thier way out and good riddance.. also BIG congrads to Scot Brown (go get em))) Obama will see change he didnt count on.. we will fight this corrupt govt all the way

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