Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop the finger pointing!

When I think of my father's generation, they seemed more willing to take responsibility for their success and failure. In the present era, blame is the name of the game. Just this week we saw an 88 year old man shooting people at the Holocaust museum and a few weeks back the shooting of Dr. Tiller. In both cases, we see Republicans and Democrats pointing the finger at the other side. Aren't we human beings before we are a political party? The fingers should be pointed at the two people that pulled the triggers. There are fanatics on both sides of the aisle. Let's face it, we all have a couple of crazies hidden in our family trees. When did we stop being human beings that are responsible for the actions we do?

Obama understands this mentality and used it brilliantly to get elected. It is now almost 8 months after the election yet he continues to blame President Bush for our current status. Of course, the American people eagerly agree. This is because we no longer take responsibility for ourselves, our decisions, or our failures. How many advertisements do we see daily with drugs offered for any and all kinds of disorders? We are encouraged to put ourselves in a haze instead of dealing with our problems and those of our country. This government perpetuates this by offering us a nanny state that will solve all our problems. We have become an underpowered people by refusing to be responsible for our own mishaps, trials and poor decisions.

How is it that Obama blames President Bush for any and all disconnects but readily pats himself on the back for any success? To be honest, I have seen no success. Obama seems to believe his own rhetoric and has no interest in facts. Just like our inability to accept responsibility it seems we also have become accustomed to lying and cheating. Our government only mirrors us.

To be the powerful country we once were we must get back to our roots. This means we must accept both our successes and our failures. We must understand that each person is responsible for his actions, reactions and decisions. The era of finger pointing must come to an end. We are supposed to be evolving as a species not devolving. What will it take for America to get its integrity back?


Laura Lee said...

I study things systematically looking at foundations. The fix is in. The Federal Reserve and the bankster elite who control our money systems are in control of Government. American is being systematically destroyed economically to bring in a New World Order ruled by bankster elites. One must study macro-economics and understand these ppl mean business. They want a one world government ruled by elite world bankers and they are executing their plan. They own our government by controlling individuals. The Federal Reserve and Government have facilitated/created this financial crisis. I'm intelligent enough to know when the system has been corrupted and we are experiencing economic warfare from foreign and domestic enemies. The whole idea of being "responsible" and having a good work ethic, etc. is not even intelligent when the system has been corrupted and is set to destroy the economies and currencies of the nations. Good principles - but not intelligent unless the framework exists in which one can succeed. The system and foundations have been destroyed... willfully... by plan. This is organized crime at the highest levels. Until that is seen - ppl. don't understand what the real problems are - and that they are manufactured willfully - not an accident. That changes one's strategies in response. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

In this instance history can be such a great teacher. We need only look to the "greatest generation" of our parents and grandparents to see people that took reponsibility for their action good and bad. Showed their integrity in their lives and lived for today and tomorrow!

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