Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

Obama the need for health care is not a ticking time bomb, you are. You sound like Chicken little crying the sky is falling. Since you have been in office every other week you tell us just that. You continue to play on people's fears and use rhetoric to press emotional buttons. Now that really isn't the ploy of a thinking man but more like a con artist. Of course, you have found an audience of fools and they must take the blame for that.

There are many of us that do think for ourselves Mr. Obama and we think you are toxic for this country. You are only concerned with your agenda - to hell with our constitution. You do not seem the least bit interested in the private sector or our Bill of Rights. Something is rotten in Washington DC and me thinks it is you! Many of us see how you are trying to revoke the will of the people all the while creating a fascist state. This is based on your actions sir not your empty words. A thinking man understands he is judged by his actions. You could be a ventriloquist for all the times you have talked out both sides of your mouth.

There is an uprising in Iran due to a forged Presidential outcome. We have not heard word one from you on this revolution. We are told you are biding your time and watching. The Iranian people have the will to rise up against a totalitarian regime yet you are biding your time? Could this be because the corruption of this election is a little to close to home? We must ask ourselves are you more sympathetic towards Ahmadinejad or the people? You scare me Mr. Obama. You truly, truly scare me.
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