Friday, June 5, 2009


Recently we saw Brian Williams bow to the President after his interview at the White House. A handshake would suffice. Americans have no intention of bowing to our President. This week Obama was also quoted in an interview with France's Canal Plus suggesting America is a Muslim country. The statistics don't support his fantasy. More importantly, why is this his fantasy? It is now coming out that Barack Hussein Obama has Muslim roots. Of course, any of us paying attention to the Presidential race already knew this. Any such speculation at the time was damped down quickly. He was insulted when others used his middle name as he cried foul. Now as he travels to the Middle East, he uses it proudly.

I am flabbergasted by his guile and those that pretend he speaks the truth. I believe that President Obama is the quintessential Narcissist with mythomania tendencies. Since the beginning, Obama has scripted fairy tales. He certainly has not reported facts. He continues to pathologically lie to all nations hoping to sell his agenda. For that matter, much of the left has his same schism over reality. We have an ignorant public that is more concerned about who won American Idol then the mythomaniac they put into office. With the drooling media that reports his fabrications as facts and a dumbed down America, it seems we are doomed.

This week Obama tried to convince the American people that neither he nor the government has any intention of running GM. This gave many of us a good chuckle because we have been keeping tabs on this hijack. Behind the scenes he stripped GM of its CEO, taken over successful private dealerships, and "suggested" how the new cars will look, function and be built. I hear there is still need for a lobbyist up on the Hill though for Government Motors! Obama, your hubris is astounding.


Anonymous said...

It is important to remember that no matter what the media or Obama say; there is a very large group of people that do not agree with him or his aspirations. The added danger of this type of leader is that the majority of people only see him and not the other factions. Now is the time for blogs and opinions that are factual.

It is good that they have posted your sentiments for all to see.

Grace Explosion said...

I think it's very important to understand the larger plan that Obama is seeking to fulfill. It's not really "his plan" - he's just selling everyone on it.

It's the powerful people behind leaders that we really need to see. Presidents ocme and go, (until one achieves dictatorship), but these powers behind the president stay in place to put the next one in power. So, what is the larger plan?? This movie shows an example of the deception Obama presents to the people.

bridget said...

I am scared for our country and thankfully we have people like you to convey the truth

Anonymous said...

Or, the Liberals won the election and they are putting forth their ideas for the future of this country. While we are no always in lock step with the President, the ideas that he has put forward thus far are a reflection of our idea and ideals. In many ways the same could be said of Bush and the conservative ideas.

You folks need to realize that we are heading down a different path, and the panic you are feeling is simply the panic of change. Learn to adapt and participate or die off like the dinosaurs. (love the cliche)

Rick Beagle

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