Friday, June 26, 2009

It is personal

By Lenny Moynihan

The Republican party could take a lesson from the Democrats. This week we all found out that Governor Mark Sanford was having an affair. Today I read he is considering resigning. The Democrats have been caught in as many compromising positions as any Republican and many are still working in politics. The most famous names that comes to mind are Kennedy and of course Clinton. I remember Clinton's finger wagging in our faces through the TV as he told us, he did not have sex with that girl, or did he call her woman? In any case, he remained President and Kennedy remains a Senator.

It is the Democrats and their audience that have insisted for decades that the personal and professional life are not tied. Of course, Republicans know this is not true. We know how a man conducts himself behind closed doors is a good indicator of how he will do so in office. Having said that, marriage is hard and infidelity is often a caustic reaction. We are human and it is inevitable that we will sin. I have a much easier time understanding and forgiving someone a transgression such as this. I find Obama's continued pathological lying much harder to ingest or forgive.

The Dem's always want it both ways. The problem with our party is we have not learned this lesson. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. By this, I do not mean for us to give up our integrity. I do, however, hope that our party will realize scandal is part of the political game. Every time you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar does not mean you need to step down! If the left can stay in office, then surely a great Governor like Mark Sanford can too. We are all fallible and like Jesus said, who will throw the first stone? Oh yea, the Democrats and their current leader Obama. The President's lauding of a healthy life style while he sucks the smokes behind closed doors is laughable. Hey, he eats veggies though so it makes it all OK. I digress but with Obama in office how can I help it? I find him and his wife overly smug with nothing backing it up. I am no fan of the elite and have learned you must always look at what they do not what they say. It is said a man is only as good as his word so Obama is not worth much.

If we are to become a strong party again, we must accept the rise and fall of poor choices. Governor Mark Sanford, I for one do not want you to step down. I think you have potential to be a great leader and we need great leaders. You made a mistake, you admitted it and your wife is willing to reconcile. Unlike the Democrats we can actually learn from our mistakes. Just this week Barney Frank is at it again wanting to hand out loans to those who can't afford them. Wow, do they ever learn? Sorry, I digress again but this stuff is just so rich you can't make it up. Our party must not sweep such ills under the carpet but grab the microphone and say hey I made a mistake. Then prove your understanding of that mistake by making it right. Insanity is doing the same thing over again hoping for a different outcome. Hasn't the Democratic party reached their limit on that? It is truth and honor that makes one great. This is a skill the left seems to lack.


american girl in italy said...

The problem now with Sanford, and where he basically screwed himself, was in calling for the impeachment of Clinton.

They need to quit attacking each other, when one of them falls... eventually they almost all do. Everytime one of these idiots in DC gets caught with their pants down, they should stick together, and say that they are only human, and that good people make bad choices sometimes.

Not, come out and drag each other down, and call for the imeachment or resignation of their enemies, everytime they mess up.

Sanford didn't even mess up that bad. His wife already knew, and it wasn't some bathroom stall toe tapping episode. But, as usual, it is the cover up that gets them - and in this case, his prior call for impeachemnt.

I wrote a post about this, wanting to know who it was that exposed him. THAT is the bigger story. Who leaked the emails, created the *where's marko* hysteria, and tipped off the media to his arrival in Atlanta...

Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs when politicians spend more time lambasting each other than serving the public. When will a public servant truly serve the public again instead of spending all their time trying to nail each other to a cross?

Right4US said...

I think the real tragedy is that so many good people (well, presumably good people) are seduced by the power of the position. And we are so often the ones who are let down. Are they flawed to begin with or is it the seduction of power. When will these people in public office take their responsibilites seriously and serve the people instead of their own baser needs.

Anonymous said...


If you want to build a stronger party, how about we all quit trying to give people free passes for their transgressions because of their political leanings? Or worse, trying to insist that they aren't really that bad when you compare them to (pick opponent with different ideology). How about you judge the man's actions and make a determination on that?

All of the comments thus far have been bang on, but let us not forget that a sitting Governor decided to just disappear and carry on an affair using tax payer money. Even if you get past his hypocrisy, the irresponsible nature of his actions should warrant condemnation by all.

The question now becomes, will he rise to the level of his rhetoric and step down, or will he cripple the SC state government for the rest of his tenure? Any bets on which path he will choose?

The state of SC does not deserve this.

Rick Beagle

Lenny said...

Rick, my point is we are done with the double standard. The left can do whatever and gets away with it. If someone on the right does the same, they are demanded to step down. By who? The same people that are doing it on the left. It makes me sick and I am so over it. When these men do corrupt things, it is WRONG! You can't have two playing fields but we do. The left has told us over and over it is personal and no one's concern so that is the same mantra for us then. We know it isn't though with the left media we have. This was not a post on the moral issue but the double standard. Also, he intends to pay back the money, is reconciling with his wife. At least he has taken ownership. Who does that on the left?!

Anonymous said...


Um, who gives a damn what the left does?

If this man is going to tout himself as a cut above his opponents morally and fiscally, then he needs to accept the repercussion of failing to deliver. Personally, I don't care that he had an affair other than to mark my disgust with his hypocrisy, and how he treated his family (on Father's Day).

This man left his post and traveled to another country without the proper notifications. There is also fairly strong evidence that he used tax payer money to continue this affair. Dereliction of duty compounded by misuse of state funds and power, and you want to applaud the man for taking responsibility?

Sorry Lenny, there is nothing noble about this man despite your wishes. Please note, even Fox News lambasted him and called for him to step down today.

Rick Beagle

PS I have to respond to this quote of yours with a little light hearted chuckle:
"Also, he intends to pay back the money, is reconciling with his wife. At least he has taken ownership. Who does that on the left?!"
All of them do, after they are caught.... :-)

Lenny said...

I like Mark Sandford aside form this he has been fiscally responsible. I certainly do not agree with what he did. My point is the left made it clear, quite a while ago, that sticking your pecker where it doesn't belong is personal. This is the point I am trying to get home. I am soo tired of the double standard and the sleepy haze most Americans are in! Yes, using tax payer money is another story but he is paying it back. Meanwhile, Obama lies to us every single day. I don't condone either behavior but our President is corrupt on a daily basis. If you want to get outraged, be outraged by that. I don't condone Sandford's behavior but I say get rid of the double talk. Have the same standards, American people and media, for both parties and then maybe we could get somewhere. I like Mark Sandford and he obviously made a HUGE mistake but my advice is to take a page out of the left's play book. I don't care what Fox says that is my opinion. It is between he and his wife not up to our speculation. We are not in their marriage. At this point, I am disgusted by our government and the latest crap and trade vote. Sandford is just white noise so we don't see what is going on. I for one, resent their take over of my freedoms while watching them ruin my country. We are being lead by the insane and I refuse to go down without a fight. The 8 Republicans that voted for this crap and trade need to go for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lenny for your response, it has been a pleasure discussing this issue with you!

Rick Beagle

em and b said...

Although I do not approve of promiscuous activity in any marriage, these things happen. And like you said, if the democrats are allowed to back up Clinton and Kennedy then the Republicans should be able to do the same. It just saddens me that in these times our supposed leaders can only thing about that one thing. What are we? men? or caveman?

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