Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Extravaganza!

By Nichole Hungerford

Yesterday began the hearings of judicial nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, and not a moment too soon for the liberal hate-writers who now have something to spew their baseless vitriol about besides Sarah Palin. In fact, I can give you the format of each pitifully predictable op-ed piece in advance: They will proceed with a brief introduction of sanctimonious, verbal love-making to Sotomayor, and devote the remainder of the article to irrelevant grandstanding against Justice Roberts. Sad, but formulaically true. The hearing will also be the first official capacity in which we will see comedian Al Franken (a.k.a., Stuart Smalley the fictional self-help guru) as he ascends his newly purchased Senate seat.

At this point, there is simply too much uncertainty about how Sotomayor would conduct herself on the court. She may not even be as liberal as her predecessor, David Souter. At the very least, we can reasonably be assured she won’t be any worse. She enjoys unrestrained affection from most Senate Democrats and considerable skepticism, although not heavy opposition, from Republicans. Republicans are especially interested in how she will explain several controversial, off-bench statements which will be addressed in the coming hearings.


Anonymous said...


What I find funny about these articles is not a single mention on whether they find her qualified to do the job. Is this what you folks have degenerated into, some sort of secret shake group? A group that cares more about how you look, dress and pretend to behave than the substance of a person professional character?

She appears to have a liberal disposition, but beyond that, she is imminently qualified for the job.

Cased closed.
Rick Beagle

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