Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Americans Are the Real Naysayers on Healthcare

By Nichole Hungerford

“For those naysayers and cynics who think that this is not going to happen, don’t bet against us...We are going to make this thing happen because the American people desperately need it.” Emphasis not added!

This threatening statement made by President Obama comes amidst a Rasmussen poll demonstrating that as of today, 49% of Americans now at least somewhat oppose the Democratic healthcare reform proposal while 46% are at least somewhat in favor of it. This is a fairly dramatic change from a poll taken just two weeks ago where 50% were for, and 45% were against the proposal.

So, are conservatives winning the argument on this crucial issue? Are people beginning to see through the Obama deception? It is no surprise that in his most recent statements, Obama again exploits the crisis lie, characterizing the state of healthcare as a “desperate need.” In fact, Americans enjoy unparalleled healthcare, the vast majority of Americans are happy with their coverage, and all this with the added benefit of not having to suffer the appalling atrocities of socialized medicine. Of course, none of Obama’s radical agenda would ever stand a chance of being enacted without the guise of a “crisis” obscuring it, which is why he inevitably sounds the alarm on every issue that will expand the power of the federal government and the presidency. At this point, however, it sounds as if Obama is going to have to force this project on an unwilling populace who, let’s be honest Mr. President, are the real "naysayers" on this issue.


Anonymous said...


I am pretty sure that most Americans believe if the conservatives win, the country loses. The reason for the slide in the polls is due to the compromises this administration is making with the conservatives, Americans want Obama to grow a backbone and ignore the right wing nut job who have been paid handsomely to oppose any change (including several blue dog dems).

Keep dreaming, change is coming.

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

The change will be in 2010 when the country opens it's eyes to the incompetence of the current Leaders and votes these America destroying weaklings out of office

I can't wait...
Bob of Bobland

Anonymous said...

If you think the Republicans are the answer, you need to open your eyes. Cause geez, could that group get any creepier?

yeppers, I think we will be okay in 2010... and for that matter in 2012 too....

BrandALofquist said...

Rick you are my favorite.

1)Obama has done nothing to build a bridge with conservatives.

2) Do you have a life or do you just follow this site because you are obsessed with conservatives. That is pretty sad either way you look at it.

3) You are right change is coming its called 2010 and 2012.

4)Unlike you most people do not think that we should pay for the lazy to get what they should earn. I am guessing that you are in the group of people with no job (even before the collapse) and probably think nobody should make money because you see how hard it is and dont want to do it.

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