Friday, July 10, 2009

“Capitalism and Freedom” – Senator Jim DeMint

This week GM won permission for a government-backed company to purchase GM brands including Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet, in order to pay off millions of dollars of debt—elevating the phrase “big government” to a new level. As consumers are confronted by an ailing economy and a brittle banking system, how much longer will it be before the capitalist system becomes just a faded memory?

The following is an excerpt from Senator Jim DeMint’s new release Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism:

“America’s golden goose is our capitalist economic system. It has made us wealthy beyond anything the world has ever known. Yet our excesses and debt are leading us to demand more and more golden eggs. Our taxes, regulations, and legal liabilities on businesses are now the most onerous in the world. We haven’t yet killed the goose, but we have plucked her clean, and the socialist axe is at her neck…

We have seen the federal government’s ‘communal sector’ replace local decision-making in public schools, hamstring private sector health-care services, federalize local banking, socialize farming, nationalize road construction. We now have federal intrusion into almost every business sector. Government must provide a consistent and predictable framework of laws and regulations, but arbitrary intrusion and subjective interpretations of regulations destroys the operation of the free market. Capitalism and socialism will not work together.

America cannot have it both ways. We must decide if we want a free market economy or socialism. Mixing the central planning principles of socialism with the decentralized free-market principles of capitalism has not worked, and it is destroying American’s competitive advantage in the world. Using business to collect taxes, provide health care, maintain pension programs, promote affirmative action, support the unemployed, absorb the cost of emissions by cars and utilities, and pay for frivolous lawsuits is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

All of these functions are important and sometimes necessary, but Americans must understand that putting these costs on the backs of businesses does not save money; it obscures costs and creates inefficiencies that reduce competitiveness. Businesses don’t pay for anything; they pass along the cost of taxes, health care, pensions, and all other costs of doing business to their employees and customers. These expenses increase the cost of American workers but reduce their take-home pay. They also increase the cost of products, reduce competitiveness, and hurt profitability.”

In 314 pages, Senator DeMint argues against big government and calls for Americans to take back the power rightfully bestowed upon them by our founding fathers. He also calls for Americans to defend their personal freedom and provides action steps citizens can take to stop this slide into socialism.


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Anonymous said...

Hmm.... California, once the proverbial cash cow brought to its knees by the gross incompetence of Republicans?

The US is not even six months into recovering from 20 years of incompetent national rule, and suddenly republicans are publishing books on how they are economic geniuses....

Please, if a Republican says something about the economy, do the opposite. Their incompetence is only matched by their arrogance.

Here is a thought for you Republican wannabes out there, how about you actually provide good governance?

Rick Beagle

Melissa said...

WoW Anonymous, are you really that blind? It is not the republicans to blame, but everyone in this country who has not stood up to keep our freedoms in this country. Are you really ok with our country becoming more and more like the 3rd world countries? Fewer human rights, fewer businesses being able to survive due to big government having a hold of every aspect of our lives. Please wake up and pay attention to what those conservatives are saying...politics is now no longer the concern, or what side you prefer, American's freedom is now in question; stop being so centered on how you feel politics is bettering one side VS. the other; you will soon not live in freedom any longer if you keep that perspective at your center!!! Gone will the jobs of our choice, be as well as the food of our choice, and energy of our choice as our country slips farther from being on top of the economic ladder. If you do not like how this country is run, go to one that is run by left wing liberal socialist who rely on big money to solve their problems, and not justice....THE MIDDLE EAST, Russia, CHINA and see how good the freedom is there, then come back and tell me what you feel about our USA. -Melly Wilson, PROUD AMERICAN, politics DROPPED

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