Saturday, July 25, 2009

A King for a Country of No Substance!

By Lenny Moynihan

It is easy to blame Obama for the situation we are in. After all, we Americans love to play the blame game. Of course, the trillions of dollars we will owe in debt is Obama's fault but we have to admit George W's second term lacked fiscal responsibility. Having said that, this spiral did not happen over night. We could not be at this place in time had the system and it's people not been broken a long time ago.

We have become a country of little substance and Obama is happy to be our town crier. He has crammed thoughtless and unread bills through the House and has high hopes of doing the same through the Senate. How did we get to this juncture in the first place? I believe one of the biggest movements to get us in this quandary is the New Age movement. I have studied Spiritual Metaphysics for over 10 years. The true understanding of the Metaphysical world and how it applies to matter is a life time education and requires diligence to practice. People have simplified the concepts of New Age and used them to create a world view. This world view is invested in a collective consciousness. The biggest problem with this world view is that it must be forced. True Nirvana could never be forced; thus, a perfect world on earth is unattainable.

Furthermore, true Metaphysical, New Age understanding does not require forced or demanded false morality. It is an evolution by the individual. For example, we have vegetarians putting more stock in the life of an animal than they do people. Most of these fanatics are pro-choice and see no issue with killing millions of babies. They do take issue with killing a cow though. This is an upside down thought system. In my opinion, this was the beginning of this upside down world we are living in now. We are the head of the food chain and a human life is more precious than that of an animal. Of course, I support organic farming. I have for years. I believe the food is better for you and the animals are treated with respect. This is a personal choice not a moral high ground. Many vegetarians demand that we all adopt their agenda for food choices but have no intention of changing their minds on abortion. They are much like religious fanatics that only allow one type of thought. Now Obama is using the New Age paradigm for health care and Cap and Trade. It is his idea of Nirvana and somehow these bills have more meaning than just a politician selling his wares. They are not a uniting factor if they are forced on the American people. The true premise of New Age is all actions create an action and that the Universe has a principled order to it. When you are bullying and hog-tying your people into life styles or lack of choice, you have misunderstood the idea of being united.

Our generation hooked on to the New Age agenda with authors like Mary Anne Williamson and Deepak Chopra. They both have had some good things to say; however, the problem lies within the interpretation that we must all come to the same resolve. According to Obama and his sycophants, that resolve is an Obama world. Dr. Deepak Chopra made huge sums of money in this great country of ours through book deals and TV appearances. He had no problem accepting the wealth a capitalist society offers. Yet the other day he wrote an article titled "Can we stop being a super power please?" This makes no sense since this country and it's freedoms and wealth buttered his bread. I guess it is OK for him to reap the riches of our country and enjoy its freedoms but now he has decided we must become more like a 3rd world nation.

Bono, another celebrity, is known for his activism for Africa. Although a noble cause, he did not do it alone. President Bush worked with him on his Aids project and helped quite a bit. Yet, I read in an article the other day how he dodged a hug with President Bush. He seemed to be bragging about this act of shunning. So, the moral high road is to help Africa but shun the President of the United States who helped you claim that goal.

Both Bono and Chopra tout themselves as above the fray. They see themselves as men of substance yet they are jokers just feeding their own personal agendas. (This is hard for me to say because I am a huge U2 fan!) They cow-tow to their audience and there is nothing original about them. The substance is only for what they see as important not for the good of the whole. Obama works in this same vein. He has a personal agenda and it is not for the betterment of our country. It is for his glory and aspirations of what he thinks our country should be. He lacks substance and has no understanding of a constitution that represents its people. He is a spoiled affront to our forefathers. If you read the biography of John Adams, you will see what a true hero looks like. He understood that in shaping America and serving her best, man had to remove his ego from the process. The above men mentioned are not fit to eat at our founders' table.

Our substance is only in the words not in deeds or actions. We like the idea of creating our experiences but when you study the nuts and bolts of Metaphysics it becomes a very different animal. Freedom is what creates a better man and more evolved spirit. Dictatorship breaks man and devastates spirit. We let ourselves go a long time ago and now we are reaping what we have sown. Yes, Obama is responsible for the chaos and careless acts he is making but we are responsible for giving away our freedoms so easily. Although we all did not vote for Obama, a lot of us did. This is because we seek outside ourselves for provision. Hopefully this awakened call is all we need to get back to self. If not, we surely will perish.


Anonymous said...

It seems that all the New Age influence has served as a smoke screen an an excuse to not take responsibility for oneself and our actions. If you truly live by the "Golden Rule" "Do unto other as you would have the do unto you" then the world would truly be a better place!!! All these people have no ptoblem profiting from others; however, they want no one to profit from them.

654321 said...

Nice work! Tying in metaphysics with politics and I liked the bit about Bono being a bone head

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