Saturday, December 27, 2008

Auto Industry Begs for Funds as UAW Leadership Retreats to Their Multi-Million Golf Course.

President Bush disappointed many Republicans by going against his core principles to save the auto industry. It may be a hard reality to swallow, but the American auto industry deserved to die. Many of the companies and industries that have been helped by this bailout out should have been forced to let nature takes it's course.

The American auto industry has suffered many setbacks over the last twenty years. Many of them would have been survivable had they not had a gigantic monkey on their back the entire step of the way. The United Automakers Union has had a death grip on the auto industry for years and it will be this union sooner rather than later that puts the final nail in the coffin.

During the recent bailout negotiations in which the automakers were begging Congress for their share of the magic pot of gold, the UAW was asked to help out the automakers with concessions from the workers union. The President of the UAW, Ron Gettelfinger, stated in November that the UAW would make no new concessions to help the struggling industry.

Why wouldn't they want to help out an industry that pays for their $33 million golf retreat in Northern Michigan? This palatial retreat also includes a $6 million golf course and costs the UAW millions of dollars to operate each year.

If the auto industry executives were ridiculed in front of Congress for taking private jets to Washington to request funding, what example should be made of the heads of the union who are living it up in luxury? I am sure that every single average American auto worker, that nine to five, blue-collar worker is flown to Northern Michigan to live up the good life at the union's retreat.

The auto industry should have been forced into bankruptcy if for no other reason to than to cut off life support for their blood sucking union friends. Unfortunately, you won't find those leaders in front of Congress. They are too buys hanging out in their pockets.


An American Liberal said...


First of all, let me say that I agree with your post. The UAW has become a bloated parasite that needs to be killed.
Unfortunately, like the Big 3 somewhere along the way, the message of worker and managerial partnership turned into a profitable business more interested in churning out cash than caring for anything beyond their own greed.

All of them need to go into bankruptcy, but despite the truth of that statement, I am not sure the current economy could handle a ripple of that magnitude.

Do we do the right thing and let a million jobs (most conservative estimates put the job loss at somewhere around 1.2M jobs) vanish over night or do we step in and use them as a cheap (relatively) job bill?

I am a fiscal conservative, but I can not discount the number of families that would be destroyed to support my principles.

Time for some hard choices.

Warmest Regards.
An American Liberal

An American Liberal said...

Follow up comment to your post about race relations and the RNC....

Um, looks like some of the "boys" still don't get it. I am of course referring to this article from CNN.

Another "smack palm on forehead" moment for the RNC.

An American Liberal

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